The market for security products is booming. Age-appropriate, colorful and eye-catching, they are popular with children as well. Numerous new products will be presented at the Kind + Jugend.

Parents spend more than seven billion euros per year on baby and children’s equipment. Safety products play an important role in this. According to analyses by the market research institute IFH Cologne, products such as baby monitors and staircase grilles increased by 6.8 percent. Helmets also recorded high growth rates. But what good are the best products if children do not accept them? Safety products with a special children’s design can provide a remedy here. At Kind + Jugend, many exhibitors will be showing colourful and child-friendly products that still meet the highest safety requirements.

Safe skiing with the mouse helmet

A real eye-catcher is the ski helmet in the mouse look, which the start-up Gorfion presents. Managing Director Vesselina Plesch: “When skiing, we noticed that unlike bicycle helmets, there are hardly any licensed products. However, the mouse head show in particular is ideally suited as a truly unique license application - i.e. we have recreated the entire head of the mouse with fabric ears that can be attached to the helmet with a Velcro strap. This and the mouse’s typical colouring give us a high attention-grabbing effect even on the slopes.” The company also attaches great importance to safety: “In addition to the design, we would also like to convince you that our helmets are a product from Europe. Our producer is based in Italy and has decades of experience. On the one hand, this enables us to ensure that we produce according to European environmental and social standards and, above all, that we definitely reach a top level in terms of CE marking”. (Hall 11.1, Booth B056)

Hearing protectors are important safety products

When it comes to safety products for children, hearing protection plays an important role. After all, children’s ears are particularly sensitive. At the fair, Alpine will be showing the new Muffy Baby, a capsule ear protector for babies and children up to 36 months of age. It is adjusted with a soft headband and exerts no pressure on the head. According to the manufacturer, the protection is CE marked and complies with all European safety standards (Hall 11.2, Stand F015). The Dutch manufacturer Jippie’s is also represented with hearing protection. This is particularly suitable for children from one to 16 years. They are approved in accordance with EN 2016/425. The colour design should be particularly attractive for the young target group. The hearing protection is currently available in eight versions, including uni, Panther, Camouflage and block pattern headband (Hall 11.2, Stand H023).

Sunglasses in frog look or bear design

Sunglasses are an indispensable accessory, especially in summer but also during winter holidays in the snow. To keep these safety products on your nose, a child-friendly design can help. The Italian exhibitor eyes4you presents Froggy, sunglasses in frog look for children from 6 to 36 months. On the sides there is a cute frog and also the temple ends are designed like frog toes. Important for parents: The glasses are made of highly flexible material and are unbreakable. The manufacturer also promises this for the UV400 polycarbonate lenses (Hall 11.3, Stand D051a). Whether unbreakable and cute for babies or in a cool adult look for toddlers - the French manufacturer KiEtLa has sunglasses for children of all ages in its portfolio. The Diabola model is aimed at babies up to 18 months of age. New for children between one and four years is the Our’son version in bear design. The Crazyyy model is aimed at small children aged four and over (Hall 11.3, Stand B030/C031).

Best protected with cat caps

Mokki presents a very special pair of glasses at Kind + Jugend. With the Click & Change ScreenSafe, the exhibitor is showing on-screen glasses for children. After all, children nowadays spend a lot of time on the screen, according to the company. TV, computer, tablet and smartphone emit blue light. According to Mokki, this can affect health - for example in the form of sleep disorders, headaches or lack of concentration. With the Click & Change ScreenSafe, Mokki offers glasses designed for daily use in front of any type of screen (Hall 11.1, Booth B021a). Often the headgear is a source of discussion between parents and children. Here, too, companies present accessories that should satisfy both parties. The TuTu brand of the exhibitor Sato is likely to cause a stir with its summer caps in a cat look. The Cat Lady hats have UV protection and at the same time child-friendly eye-catchers such as ears or whiskers (Hall 11.3, Stand G040).

Security products also include reflective pockets

Many security products are also intended to improve visibility. However, the reflectors are often only located on a few sides. Vonui shows a bag in which the self-developed safety textile fabric is used on all four sides. This allows the car’s headlight to be reflected at any angle. The bags are available in fashionable designs and with child-friendly motifs such as vehicles, birds or space (Hall 04.1, Stand C011b). Children can also be seen all around with the new Wowowo safety tops. The Belgian company P&A offers reflective clothing, which is also available in other colours than the classic yellow (Hall 10.1, Stand A064).

Novelties also in wearables and child seats

Some new safety products are aimed specifically at parents to help them be calmer with their children. This can also be an important sales argument. On hot summer days, for example, children made headlines that were forgotten in hot cars. Tippy was invented to prevent this from happening. The system from Italian exhibitor Digicom uses sensors to detect that there is a child in the child seat. If the parents leave, there is an alarm signal and an emergency SMS to the smartphone (Hall 11.3, Stand E038). The Dräger Dreamguard is a player in the wearables market. It registers the raising and lowering of the baby chest basket and informs the receiver station or the smartphone app if the movements do not take place for more than 20 seconds. At the same time, it detects when the baby is turning from the supine position to the stomach and optionally emits a signal for this as well. The Dreamguard can also be used as a pure baby monitor (Hall 11.2, Stand G012).

Reer with its own InnovationArea

In the field of security products reer is particularly active. “This year we are particularly looking forward to Kind + Jugend and are extremely proud of what our small team has achieved. We would like to use the moment of the fair to present our innovations, but also many further developments and product range extensions and to give an outlook on the coming months”, says Managing Director Tim Lorenz. This year reer is presenting products in its own ‘Innovation Area’ whose technical foundations have been rethought and which are intended to make everyday family life even simpler, safer and smarter. Night lights have been providing more safety in the children’s room for many years. reer is presenting its new range at the fair, which includes orientation lights, falling asleep lights, star and motif projectors and decorative night lights. A newly developed test machine for drawer safety devices will also be presented. There will also be a new range of products for childcare facilities with safety solutions developed specifically for the needs of these facilities.


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Link: At Kind + Jugend 2019, numerous exhibitors will be presenting new child-friendly safety products.

Image: Alpine