The Trend Committee of the Spielwarenmesse eG has provided an initial outlook for 2018. The committee has identified the following trends: “Explore Nature”, “Team Spirit”, and “Just for fun”. These will be presented on the 1000 m² of the TrendGallery floorspace, with suitable products used to illustrate these trends for trade visitors. All exhibitors can now apply for their products to be used to illustrate the three trends.

The TrendGallery in Hall 3A will inform visitors about the trends and innovations from the toy industry. The trends for 2018 will be presented here to visitors at the Nuremberg Spielwarenmesse. In addition, the new products and the winners of the ToyAwards will be on display here. The trade knowledge will be complemented by expert presentations in the Toy Business Forum with daily changing topics.

Explore Nature - discover the world of animals and plants

Computers, smartphones, and TVs are nowadays, without question, an integral part of children’s leisure time. As a result, playing in nature and in the open has taken a backseat. It is important to focus attention on nature. The “Explore Nature” trend will bring children closer to nature and encourage them to get to know and explore nature better. This includes, for example, products such as magnifying glasses or binoculars, which will send children send on a voyage of discovery, or planting sets that will transform them into little gardeners.

Team Spirit – working together to win

In our society, community plays an increasingly important role in every age group. This trend is about cooperation, social interaction, and flexibility. Products in the “Team Spirit” trend will teach children to function as a team, solving problems together. There must be exchanges with each other, a strengthening of communication, confrontations with other people’s opinions, and a search to find compromises. These games can only be won as a group.

Just for Fun - Fun with games

The trend is “Just for Fun”. Learning effects don’t always have to be in the foreground. The joy of the game, playing for the sake of playing, is the focus here. The products for this trend often come without complicated rules and can even be changed according to their imagination of the players. These games can be played as a group or alone, quickly and spontaneously. At the same time, speed and skill are often required.

The members of the TrendCommittee for the Spielwarenmesse:

John Baulch (Publisher, Toy World Magazine, UK)

Daniele Caroli (Journalist, Giochi & Giocattoli, Italy)

Dr. Maria Costa (Market Researcher, Toy Research Institute, Spain)

Axel Dammler (Market Researcher, iconkids & youth international research GmbH, Germany)

Richa Dikshit (Blogger, Toy Tasting, India)

Philippe Guinaudeau (Market Researcher, Kidz Global, France)

Marek Jankowski (Journalist, Branza Dziecieca, Poland)

Gabriela Kaiser (Trend Consultant, TRENDagentur, Germany)

Reyne Rice (Journalist und Trend Expert, USA)

Jane Wong (Journalist, TOY INDUSTRY, China)

Images: Spielwarenmesse