German parents not only invest well and willingly in children’s furniture, but also in baby tableware, and they are keen to invest in high-quality products. Luna Journal took a look at the exhibitor “Done by Deer” at Kind+Jugend and summarized the manufacturer’s two most important sales arguments.

Focus on clear product design for children’s tableware

“For families who appreciate the simplicity of Danish design,” is the claim of children’s goods manufacturer Done by Deer. In their collections, the Danes focus on innovative and particularly timeless design in a restrained color palette - in the baby sector often characterized by delicate pastel shades such as pink, blue and grey with small details in gold and black. This complements the simplicity of Danish design. Especially the “Meet and eat” collection convinces season after season with new designs. “A design with which children will continue to have fun while eating,” says the manufacturer. Numerous awards prove that Done by Deer products also inspire the expert jury. Just in April this year did the manufacturer receive the fifth “Red Dot Award” for the renowned Tiny Activity Toys line. No fewer than 6,300 products and innovations were submitted from 59 countries. Done by Deer had already received the renowned award for the “Yummy+” tableware in previous years. Lifestyle products with minimalist graphics and a clear reference to the Scandinavian lifestyle, which is well received: “Good design is defined not only by the appearance, but also by technical innovations and haptic characteristics that, when coordinated, lead to a holistic design of the product,” says Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the Red Dot award.

A sense of security for the end-consumer

The philosophy behind the products seems very simple: a combination of design, color and safety. Each product is 100% friendly and thoroughly tested to meet European safety standards. The absence of carcinogenic formaldehyde is a necessary means to an end. The pungent gas is often used as a binder in a wide variety of products. Formaldehyde constantly evaporates from children’s dishes and causes a considerable health risk. The Federal Environment Agency has therefore adopted a recommendation from the World Health Organisation (WHO) according to which formaldehyde should not exceed a maximum value of 100 µg/m3 for substances in patios. If more formaldehyde escapes, the product may not be sold. The elimination of the pungent gas is therefore one of the biggest sales arguments of the Danish children’s tableware manufacturer.

Stable sales arguments

Stylish integration is one thing. Because many parents choose their dishes according to the design. After all, the children’s tableware is prominently visible at family dinners and should therefore also fit in with their own interior. Health protection is the other and probably more important argument. Thus, Done by Deer produces restrained design to the highest safety standard. An unbeatable combination that the Danes justifiably define as one of the main sellers of the “Kind + Jugend” trade fair.


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Image: Done by Deer