Since 2015, the “Playtime Tokyo” trade fair platform has attracted numerous visitors, buyers and the press to the Japanese metropolis. Now, after almost four years, the organisers have announced the end of the Asian offshoot. The show “Kid’s Hub” in Las Vegas will also be closed, according to operator Sebastién de Hutten. What are the reasons for the cancellation of the two fairs?

The end for Playtime Tokyo

The Playtime Tokyo editions took place twice a year in the Belle Salle Shibuya Garden and welcomed Japanese and international collections. De Hutten’s statement at the time of its establishment was: “Playtime has always been a stage for creative and independent brands, and the majority of these brands come from Europe. Since Paris is a city that is historically a strong centre for fashion and design, it is only natural that they should go there. New York and Tokyo come next, if the budget allows. Wherever we go, we work in harmony with the needs of the existing market and adapt to the offers of the buyers.”

Now the Japanese counterpart is coming to an end. The reasons for this would lie in the development of the Japanese market. Due to the increasing dissatisfaction and difficulties on the part of the fashion brands, the organizer was no longer able to link labels and buyers. The trade fair models no longer seemed suitable for the Japanese children’s fashion market.

What’s next?

However, in order to intercept Japanese buyers and strengthen the market, the online presence of the trade fair format would be the preferred option. On Playtime Online, the Japanese brands would continue to be presented and economically supported.

Kid’s Hub Las Vegas to be discontinued

The premiere of the Kid’s Hub Las Vegas took place from 4 to 5 February 2019 at Planet Hollywood. The organisers of Playtime (Picaflor) wanted to establish a new trade fair format on the west coast of North America in addition to Playtime New York. In order to address American buyers more specifically, the exhibitors at the Kid’s Hub Las Vegas wanted to distinguish themselves clearly from Picaflor’s Playtime New York trade fair. After the repeat at “The Flamingo Hotel”, the Kid’s Hub is now over.

One reason could be a decline in the number of exhibitors - while 80 labels participated in the winter season, in August it was only 60. The US market continued to develop differently than hoped for - discounters and vertical fashion chains took over the monopoly position in the children’s market.


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