The new Luna Brandbible again combines the best from the hardware, interior and toys sectors. The brand collection is characterised by manufacturers with a high degree of innovation and a unique design language.

The new Luna Brandbible is entirely dedicated to sustainability and respect for the environment. How we live in the future is becoming increasingly relevant in the world of product design. In this sense, new innovations and ideas are constantly being introduced to the market that provide information on how life can be made more sustainable. Of course, the design aspect is never disregarded, so that it quickly becomes clear: Sustainability and design go hand in hand in the 21st century.

Trends 2019

The following trends are now in particular focus:

Home is where your heart is: Rustic charm for your own four walls
Stay simple: minimal life and reduction to the essentials
All eyes on us: Eye-catcher for the children’s room
Ready, steady, go: Whether on two or four wheels - children love movement
Time to travel: discover the world and broaden your horizons
Buny Hop: Animal star with a difference!
Safari Tour: Pack your bag and off you go for the next adventure

The brands of Luna Brandbible

The following brands are represented in the Luna Brandbible 2019/20:

Innovative labels from all over the world

Luna Brandbible is presented by the Luna media Group and shows a selection of high-quality labels from the hardware, interior and toy sectors for children. All brands presented are carefully selected new, emerging and innovative labels from around the world. The looks are both surprising and creative.

The brands are presented to an expert audience in all major fashion metropolises in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia. In order to offer the greatest possible attention, the Brandbible is presented and sold at the most important children’s fashion fairs worldwide. The Brandbible is published in two language versions: English/German and English/Chinese.

The Luna Brandbible is available as an ePaper and print version in selected magazines, bookshops and trade fairs in all the pulsating fashion metropolises of the world.

Here you can purchase the current Luna Brandbible!



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Link: The current Luna Brandbible 2019/20.

Image: Luna media Group