What do customers want? The TrendCommittee of the Toy Fair knows the answer. Movement toys, wonder bags and toys for adults will therefore be the toy trends for 2019.

The TrendCommittee of the International Toy Fair consists of eleven experts from Italy to China, India and the USA. On behalf of the Nuremberg Fair, they search for the trends in the industry. For 2019, they have identified the catchy themes “Ready, Steady, Play”, “The WOW Effect” and “Toys 4 Kidults” as trend-setting toy trends. The first trend “Ready, Steady, Play” sets a counterpoint in the increasingly comfortable and smarter world. Children should move more. Toys that stimulate physical activity are in demand here. Coordination ability and reaction time should also be trained continuously. This can be encouraged with toys that encourage children to move and at the same time provide a lot of fun. In the ideal case children train their physical abilities and actively counteract the so-called affluent diseases. Here, for example, the scouts have discovered scooters for the little ones, which can be transformed into a tricycle with a flick of the wrist.

Surprises are one of the toy trends for 2019

The classic grab bag has evolved. More and more manufacturers are relying on collection series or products for which children only know what they have gotten when they unpack. “The WOW Effect” was the name given by the experts to this category of toy trends for 2019. The surprise effect increases the excitement - and ideally encourages people to buy. This category of toy trends also includes products that only reveal at second glance which functions and play options are hidden in them. In this category, toys such as the HatchiBabies hatching from the egg or the LOL.Surprise figures hidden in balls are celebrating great success.

Toys for adults increasingly in demand

“Toys 4 Kidults” is the experts’ answer to the third of the toy trends for 2019. Kidult - this artificial word combines the two terms Kid and Adult. It refers to toys that were actually intended for children and are also used enthusiastically by adults. These can be elaborate construction kits, decorative toys, but also rare collectibles or retro licenses. Or products that remind us of our own childhood. After all, adults often have a larger budget than children and are willing to spend it on rare or special items. Here the experts show the Carrera set “DRM Retro Race” as well as the Funko/Pop retro figures as an example.

With its trend recommendations, the International Toy Fair aims to provide retailers with inspiration. The focus is on medium-term industry trends, which are already noticeable at the outset and will soon influence the toy industry. Internationalism is also an important factor, as Christian Ulrich, Director of Marketing at the International Toy Fair, explains: “Our trends are internationally viable and are not limited to a specific country”.


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