Veja presents a new vegan sneaker model: the Campo. After five years of research and development, the French brand for shoes and accessories has succeeded in finding an ecological replacement for leather.

Veja was founded in 2005 by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion. Since then, the founders have been constantly on the lookout for new, more sustainable and ecological raw materials to improve the production of sneakers.

The environmentally friendly sneakers are made from sustainable materials. The company does not use any hazardous chemicals. Social responsibility is an important part of our corporate culture. For example, Veja uses recycled plastic bottles to produce the J-Mesh model.

The new Campo model consists of 50% corn waste (C.W.L) from the food industry and is produced by an Italian company. The vegan leather is up to 63% biodegradable and can be compared to real leather in appearance and feel. In contrast to other vegan materials, the leather alternative requires little oil. Co-Founder Kopp: “The C.W.L. has a long service life, is waterproof and very resistant. It is also less rigid and more comfortable than leather.”

Veja Campo model available from January

“From January 2019, the Campo model will be available in six different versions. The sneaker costs 125 Euros and is available in sizes 36 to 46,” explains Veja. This extends the vegan collection of the Veja brand. The shoe manufacturer currently has 81 models, 20 of which contain no animal products.

Despite the high production costs (five times higher than conventional), which result from Veja’s sustainable production approach, the sneakers can keep up with large shoe manufacturers in terms of price. This is possible by deliberately avoiding large marketing campaigns. In this way, Veja also wants to ensure more economic justice and focus on production, raw materials and its employees. Kopp on the concept: “We believe in the power of social media and word of mouth. We also work with cool brands and often organise events in France and abroad. Two weeks ago, Lyst rated us “the first influential brand on Instagram”, which proved that you don’t have to pay celebrities to wear our sneakers or invest in advertising to get recognized.”

With regard to new projects for 2019, the company is keeping a low profile, but announces that more new models and exciting collaborations will follow soon.


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Image: Veja