From a trade union point of view, workers at the fashion retailer Zalando are exposed to “anti-worker” surveillance and data protection problems.

Verdi, for example, criticizes software from Zalando with which employees can evaluate each other. This would put a strain on the working atmosphere.

Digitally supported performance monitoring

Verdi refers to an investigation for the Hans Böckler Foundation, which is close to the trade unions. Zalando, on the other hand, contradicted their results. The study contained errors and was not representative.

“At Zalando, transparency and an open feedback culture have always been reality,” the company emphasized. The company stated that 5000 of the 14,000 employees use Zonar. The data protection requirements will be complied with.

According to Stefanie Nutzenberger, Verdi board member, digitally-supported performance monitoring in companies like Zalando leads to monitoring, printing and work agitation for employees. “They are intransparent, put employees in permanent competition with each other, disregard data protection and serve the company as a cheap excuse for not wanting to conclude collective agreements.

Scientists from the Humboldt University in Berlin interviewed Zalando employees for the Böckler Foundation, evaluated the training material and called in experts. Zalando did not participate in the study. Before the study began, a lack of neutrality had been apparent, it was said.


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