A recent EHI study has shown that the top 1,000 stationary sales divisions generated almost 60 percent of total retail sales in 2018.

Although online retailing can now secure over 10 percent of the market share, stationary retailing remains the mainstay of the retail trade. The turnover of the top 3 stationary retail companies (62.8 billion euros) is greater than that of the entire online trade (56 billion euros). In 2018, the top 1,000 stationary sales divisions generated net sales of EUR 311 billion, which corresponds to almost 60 percent of total retail sales (EUR 526.8 billion).

Food trade dominates stationary retail trade

With just under 57 percent of turnover, the stationary retail trade of the top 1,000 is dominated by the food trade. Nine of the ten sales divisions with the highest turnover in the ranking come from this sector - above all Edeka incl. the regional companies, Lidl, Aldi Süd, Rewe, Netto, Kaufland and Aldi Nord. The discount store Penny has confessed the places with the hypermarket Real and now occupies 8th place in the ranking. Drogeriemarkt dm is the only non-food discounter in the top 10.

These 10 largest sales divisions generated a total of almost 137 billion euros and correspond to 44 percent of the sales revenues of the entire ranking. The top 10 also generated around 40 percent (17.2 billion euros in 2018) of total e-commerce revenue in online trading.

Sales in other industries

DIY & Einrichten has the second largest share in the top 1,000 turnover. Around 14 percent is accounted for by this sector, in which some company takeovers, e.g. by XXXLutz in the furniture sector, had provided movement. In this sector, the stationary business continues to dominate the market. The Fashion & Accessories division is in 3rd place with sales of 27.3 billion euros, Technology is in 4th place with sales of 19.8 billion euros.


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Link: EHI study: Top 1000 stationary retailers

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