Ekaterina Arlt-Kalthoff founded Mami Poppins. The start-up has an unusual business idea: the rental of travel equipment for children.

Mrs. Arlt-Kalthoff, how did you come up with the idea of Mami Poppins?

I wanted to implement the leasing principle, as we know it from cars, in children’s equipment as well. Five and a half years ago I became a mother. A high-quality pram was very important to me. However, I couldn’t and didn’t want to spend the full purchase price. At that time I bought my Hartan pram Second Hand. However with the thought behind it: It would be cooler if I could rent such a pushchair for two or three years. That’s how the business started in 2015: With the long-term rental of Bugaboo pushchairs. After a few months there were the first inquiries from parents who were looking for buggies and accessories for their travels. Together with my customers, I expanded and rebuilt the business. Since 2017, Mami Poppins has exclusively been available for short-term rental. We are the travel supplier for parents.

Mami Poppins offers everything from car seats and travel beds to buggies. What is the response from the manufacturers?

Today, Mami Poppins offers mobility solutions from over ten manufacturers. These include babies, mountain buggies, Babybjörn and successors. The advantages are obvious. We are brand ambassadors for the manufacturers. Many parents come into contact with a brand for the first time through Mami Poppins. When renting children’s equipment, they often decide to test a product on holiday. In addition, renting offers the opportunity to stay in contact with customers. A purchase is made once, but in the rental business a satisfied customer will choose the same brand again the next time. These are several touchpoints at the Customer Journey that bring long-term sales. In addition, parents are rather reticent about new products. Here, the rental option tends to make them test something and then perhaps also buy it. I can imagine that very well with e-surfers.

How does logistics work?

That’s a crucial point. Mami Poppins rental products are now available throughout Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Mallorca. If you order today, your child seat or buggy will usually be delivered after two days. Express deliveries are of course also possible. Parents plan their holidays for the long term, but a delivery time of two days is perfect. We deliver to grandma and grandpa who need a travel bed. Or to parents who want to fly relaxed with a high-quality folding buggy - and not with their robust pram. We have a strong logistics partner at our side. On Mallorca we work together with a partner.

Where should Mami Poppins travel to?

Our offer is unique. We want to expand our market leadership in Germany. We are also focusing on other countries in Europe. Mami Poppins would like to offer even more parents, who travel, the optimal equipment for their vacation. We are therefore in intensive talks with new partners and other manufacturers in the children’s equipment sector. Mami Poppins’ concept often offers companies completely new sales and turnover opportunities. The trend goes in many ranges of the life to renting and sharing. I find it very exciting to accompany this process.


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Link: The company Mami Poppins rents out travel equipment.

Image: Mami Poppins