Will this be the successor to the box-office hit tiptoi? Ravensburger presented toi+ at the International Toy Fair. This game console is interactive and does not require a screen.

Cinema in your head: Ravensburger promises this with toi+. The screenless game console functions via a palm-sized basic element, the core. Among other things, this core has various sensors, a processor and a loudspeaker. It is inserted - just like a heart - into the toi+ products and thus brings them to life. Thus the children control the play process by their inputs and movements. At the same time, toi+ creates a play world with music and sounds. A voice guides the children through the tasks. By sensors toi+ registers movement, position change, action and input of the player and makes him a part of the action. Depending on the toi+ product, one or more children can play the game at the same time. The novelty is intended for children of primary school age. Four releases are planned for September. The toi+ core will be available for the expected RRP of 69.99 euros. Initially, three games are to be launched on the market, with an RRP of 49.99 euros.

Ravensburger plans three games for toi+

Magic Compass” was developed for one to four players aged six and over. Here the heart is inserted into a compass. The children have to find a secret portal. In turn, they move with the compass in their hands through an imaginary labyrinth, which is also represented haptically with illustrated floor maps included in the game. They have to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. A vulture is the character in “Furious Falko”. He has party games, puzzles, music and movement tasks up his sleeve for up to eight children aged six and over. According to Ravensburger he is also suitable for a children’s birthday party. The game “Brain Board” is aimed at little thinkers. Children from the age of eight can solve five logic and memory games. The training mode includes more than 2,000 tasks as well as various memory tests.

Like tiptoi or Gravitrax, the new game console is an in-house development

Toi+ is an in-house development by Ravensburger. It is part of the company’s range of innovative toys such as the tiptoi audio-digital learning system and the GraviTrax marble track. Thus Ravensburger developed its business successfully in the last years. In 2017, tiptoi products alone were represented in about every second household in Germany with children between four and eight years of age. Can toi+ build on this? Ravensburger CEO Clemens Maier emphasized the unique at the International Toy Fair: “toi+” actually has an idea: that you have an electronic unit that can be used together with various toys. And it enriches the toy, a board or a character with movement, with sounds. It brings more play value but with unobtrusive electronics. That’s what we find very exciting about it.”


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Link: Ravensburger plans to launch new toi+ game console in autumn

Image: Ravensburger