For the first time this year, there will be a trade fair area for new ideas and concepts. A great success, as the start-up area is already fully booked at its premiere.

The Kind + Jugend as a springboard for your own company: This is likely to be one of the targets pursued by the 16 exhibitors at the Kind + Jugend start-up area. For the first time there will be this area where international, up-and-coming companies can present themselves at favorable conditions. The prerequisite for participating is that the company is under the age of ten. It must also be the first time that the company exhibits at the Kind + Jugend. The range is very international, from Australia, Germany and France to Italy, Japan and the Netherlands. One advantage for the visitors is that they can see tomorrow’s trends in one area. After all, many of the exhibitors have specialized in popular topics such as individuality, sustainability and safety. The start-up area is located in the exhibition hall 11.1.

Australian Start-up presents simple cleaning system for baby clothes

The Strucket from Australia is probably an eye-catcher in the start-up area. This new bucket system is thought for hand washing of fabric diapers or children’s clothing for instance and promises clean hands. Founder Kelly Lavery: “We introduced the bucket system in Australia in December 2018. Within a short time Strucket has become a popular product in the areas of education, childcare, disability, geriatric care and gastronomy. Strucket’s aim is to position itself as a global brand. The Kind + Jugend is an excellent platform for this. Strucket is unique, a world novelty. It’s hard to believe that something so simple has never been made before. Take the modest bucket and combine it with a sieve and a connection mechanism to allow the soaking and separating without hands. It’s perfect for modern fabrics – diapers, toilet training and all the chaos that a newborn baby brings along with it.“

Start-up area as contact platform for customers and distributors

The start-up Gorfion distributes colorful and high-quality loop scarves, beanies and ski helmets under the label My Panther. Managing Director Vesselina Plesch: “For us as newcomers in particular, the Kind + Jugend is a possibility to promote our ski helmets as well as the fabrics. We, of course, hope that we will be able to connect with clients as well as distributors, sales representatives and other players. The start-up area especially seems to be an ideal platform for this.“ Gorfion relies on licenses for the design of its products which have a certain value for the owner. Plesch: “This means licenses which embody our values and those of the parents: Community, joy, appreciation, environmental awareness. This is what Janosch, die Sendung mit der Maus und der keine Rabe Socke do, too. Now we will also include Grüffelo.“ The Gorfion textiles are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and produced in Germany.

Many dutch companies are represented

Learning towers are currently in high demand. In 2018, Ursula Schreck launched a multifunctional piece of furniture under the label Zaunkönig. By simply turning it, it becomes a padded high chair, a safe learning tower or a piece of play furniture like a bank. The wood comes from sustainable forestry and GOTS certified organic substances are used. Dutch companies in particular are strongly represented in the start-up area. Baby Bello presents imaginative mobiles for the children’s room. Cheerful and practical play mats are the hallmark of By Alexandra Fabric Creations. Learning towers are currently in high demand. Ursula Schreck designed a multifunctional piece of furniture in 2018 under the label Zaunkönig. Simply turning it around turns it into an upholstered high chair, a safe learning tower or play furniture like a bench. The wood comes from sustainable forestry, GOTS is used.

Certified organic substances

Dutch companies are particularly strongly represented in the Start-up Area. Baby Bello shows imaginative mobiles for the children’s room. Happy and practical play mats are the signature feature of By Alexandra Fabric Creations. Fedde&Kees presents sleeping bags and elastic bands that stabilize babies in the bed. The Dutch-German start-up bada&bou has developed a diaper system with bamboo in order to reduce waste. The outer diaper is soft and washable and the absorbent bamboo insert is reusable as well.

Movement as a target of stacking rocks Start-up Joboo

Promoting movement and the sense of balance: This is the goal of the stacking rocks which are presented by joboo in the start-up area. Inventor and founder Stephan Schenk: “Our vision is to promote the movement of small children as they grow up through sustainable concepts and products and thus make an elementary contribution to children’s education and health. In order to achieve this goal, we have to reach people with our solutions who have direct or at least indirect access to as many children as possible. This is our goal for the Kind + Jugend 2019.“ The stacking rocks can be used from both sides and form a wide variety of toys and movement equipment through different stacking variants – or even a stool. Schenk: “The stacking rock is characterized both by its versatile and intuitive usability as well as its sustainable production.“

Electrifying the Stroller in just a few simple steps

Stéphane Vix from France has designed an electric support for strollers. Kiddyboost is a drive system that can be quickly mounted on a stroller and turns it into an electric version. Inventor Vix: “This is a niche market that is mainly aimed at customers that have heavy strollers. These are not only parents (or also grandparents) of small children or handicapped children. They are also and above all nannies because they often suffer from musculoskeletal disorders due to their daily activities.“ Kiddyboost started this year in France. Now Vix wants to determine the international interest in its detachable drive system.“ In this sense it is very helpful to meet with experts from the baby products industry from around the world in order to get their feedback at the Kind + Jugend. We are also looking for potential partners in this industry and in some European markets that could support us to introduce Kiddyboost in the course of 2020 in other countries.“

Start-ups with carrier bags and new drinking bottles

The premium carrier bags produced by the start-up Rookie from Berlin are also designed for the usage on the go. They are distinguished by their high suitability for everyday use, high-quality materials and minimalist design. Valeria Berndt, Head of Design & Product: “Rookie manufactures the world’s first children’s products with apple leather and presents its new apple leather baby sling for the first time at the Kind + Jugend. The baby carrier also has a very innovative design because it can be worn with or without the belly strap.“ The cheerful design, easy handling and the craftsmanship characterize the garments, bibs and other textiles from the Japanese Sunday Morning Factory. The French company Litogani has specialized in objects and toys made from environmentally friendly raw materials and has combined them with rechargeable solar cells. With Kiddo, Ava from France shows an attachment for bottles to facilitate the preparation of baby food on the go. The Savvybaby bottle from Australia promises high drinking and breathing comfort. Biological care products for babies and toddlers are introduced by Harmonianat from Italy.

Portable ear  thermometer from munich Start-up

The company Cosinuss is based in Munich and banks on the wearables market. With degree, it has developed a thermometer that can be put into children’s ears over a longer period of time. Founder and Managing Director Greta Kreuzer: “On the one hand, parents can see the current temperature day and night at a glance. On the other hand, the temperature curve shows parents whether and how quickly the fever continues to rise. This information makes a sovereign treatment of the sick child possible. And last but not least, an added value that is most important to me as a mother: With the help of the visualized temperature curve of my child, I can see exactly what effects my countermeasures have: How fast and how they work. For me, this is the feedback I need in order to make a correct and good decision about the treatment. That’s what I’ve been missing with the other thermometers so far.“ At the Kind + Jugend, Kreuzer wants to specifically look for customers, partners and distributors for degree.


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Image: Rookie