German Stiftung Warentest tested various garden trampolines in its April 2019 issue. Five of them performed particularly well.

The winner at Stiftung Warentest was the Springfree trampoline. Our testers liked the Springfree Medium Round R79 best. Jumps are very easy and it is very safe, also because of its special construction”.

Springfree becomes test winner with a score of 1.6

In addition to test winners Springfree (1.6), Huduora finished second (1.8) and Decathlon (1.9) third.

Springfree has consistently removed the impact areas responsible for 90 percent of product-related trampoline injuries from its design. The award-winning jumping technology works without springs, the hard frame lies far below the jumping mat, the edge of the mat is soft and the safety net yields and is highly resilient in the long term.

The Hudora trampoline is also at the front. The only small drawback is that the edge cover lies outside the net. The Decathlon trampoline also achieved a good test result. It is easy to dismantle and the entrance is easy.

Stiftung Warentest underestimates UV testing

The tests included getting in and out, jumping quality, safety, handling, workmanship and workmanship. However, the longevity of the garden trampoline is largely due to the use of UV-resistant plastics. The testers from Stiftung Warentest therefore also investigated how quickly nets, jumping mats and edge covers age due to sunlight and thus tear more easily over time. 400 hours of UV light were tested. An average German summer has 2,000 hours of sunlight and various manufacturers were already at 400 hours very close to the official durability limits.

Sun makes nets and mats porous quickly

“Unfortunately, the industry continues to try to sell trampolines to end customers at a supposedly low price. But then nets and mats quickly become porous and can tear. Customers regularly have to buy replacement mats and nets. They are asked to dismantle the trampoline in winter because of weather instability. They should also regularly check their trampoline for damage”, explains Christian Vogel of Springfree Germany.


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Image: Springfree