Last year, the myToys Group generated sales of around 670 million euros. In 1999, the company was one of the first online shops to start rather small.

It all started with the tickle-me-Ernie. It was the very first toy in the myToys online shop, which started on 14 October 1999. 5,000 products were on digital offer at the time, most of them toys. myToys was thus one of the pioneers in e-commerce. The workforce consisted of just 20 employees. Today, the myToys Group claims to be the leading family shopping platform in Europe. More than 2,000 employees and more than seven million customers belong to the group. On the occasion of the round anniversary, the company chatted from the sewing boxes. Thus the best-selling product is the Play-Doh-Mega-Pack. In 20 years, 332 tons of this clay have been sold. If all the large Lego building boards sold so far were added together, the total area would be five football pitches. In total, the company has shipped over 70 million packages since its inception.

In 2018, the myToys integrated more than 130 suppliers into its product range.

myToys focused at an early stage on precise customer focus and technology leadership. Families and their needs - this is the focus of the portfolio. With its four web shops - myToys, mirapodo, yomonda and limango - the Group now reaches a large number of households with children. What numerous other companies such as amazon and Mr Spex are now doing, myToys already implemented in 2006. As one of the first online pure players, he opened his stationary store, which has grown to 17 stores to date. This made the company one of the pioneers in cross-channel retailing. The company has long since ceased to limit itself to its own range of products and services and is now expanding its online shops into trading platforms by integrating third-party products. In 2018 alone, the Group integrated more than 130 new suppliers, including AboutYou. The aim is to develop the shopping offering into a comprehensive one-stop shop for the family by broadening the product range to include niche areas of family products. Travel is also a fresh addition to the portfolio.

Technological background is important for corporate success

This development was accompanied by high investments in technological competence. The myToys Group has its own TechLab in Madrid, a modern logistics centre in Gernsheim, a fully integrated ERP system and a company-wide data warehouse. myToys founder and managing director Dr. Oliver Lederle: “We look back proudly on what we have achieved so far. The product variety and expertise for our product range make us unique on the market. In the future, we will continue to expand our product range and, with the help of attractive partners, increasingly offer services and inspiration for all aspects of family life. We started with the myToys family trips, which we have been offering since January.” Lederle is chairman of the management board, which also includes Florian Forstmann, Alexander Lederle and Thomas Feuring. The group is controlled from the company headquarters in Berlin. Incidentally, the conference rooms there bear the names of famous cartoon characters. And the employees are allowed to bring their dogs and rabbits to work.


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Link: The online retailer myToys started in October 1999.

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